quarta-feira, 10 de abril de 2013

Rejazzing II

Thought I’d cry for you forever
But I couldn’t, so I didn’t
People children’s die and they dont even cry forever.

Thought I’d see your face in my mind for all time,
But I dont
Even remember what your ears look like.

And the clock still strikes, midnight and noon
And the sun still rises, and so does the moon
Birds still migrate south and
People move on
Even though I’m no longer in your arms.

Thought the mountains would cramble,
And the rivers would bend, but
But I thought all wrong

(Baby, I thought all wrong)
World did not end
The maps will just have to stay the same for a while.

Didn’t even need therapy to rehabilitate my smile.
Rehabilitate my smile

(Isto fui eu e a Regina, a cantar ao mesmo tempo)

Não sou pessoa de guardar rancores. Nem de ficar tempo demais a remoer no mesmo assunto. Não sou mesmo.

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